Day after day after day.
The days roll by like hoops.
It’s Monday it’s Tuesday or maybe it’s Wednesday?
Oh no,

it’s Thursday, it’s Friday, and now it’s tomorrow.

The day before yesterday?
When was that?

The weekend comes, it’s just the same. The weekend’s over, and back comes Monday, on and on and on.

The days, the daze.

The cat comes in, the cat goes out. The sun comes out, the sun goes in.It rains. It pours. The clouds sail by. The cat rolls over.

The wind blows. Blossom tumbles.

It looks like snow.It isn’t.

The soil is wet the soil is dry. Seedlings speckle the soil. Water sparkles, Wisteria climbs, the cat climbs the pergola.

April, May.
Another day

with scant punctuation.
The temperature climbs and the death toll rises.

A dash to the park, a call to a friend,

question marks knock on the door.

We stand on a cliff edge of colons,

on the verge of dot dot dot.