Magic (2)

It didn’t take long for Egg O to snap into action. He picked up the tap shoes and away he went, without so much as a backward glance, away to the Miss Faucet School Of Tap and Singing ,which is where he is at this moment, humming and clicking his heels, so we won’t be hearing from him for a while.

Everyone was rather pleased to see the back of him and his moody, eggy ways.


They all gathered round Doll Splinter, who held the small stick, which had now become ‘A Significant Stick.’


“Wave it over something else!” said the monkeys excitedly. “Try a banana!”

Doll Splinter looked doubtful and then the spindly cat, who had been away on business,came back and sat next to her.


Doll Splinter was quiet for a very long time considering the magic stick. Would it work without the Opera Hat?

“I think we should ask the rabbits,” she announced finally, “they seem to know about magic and we need more information.”

So she sent the clowns to ask the rabbits and the spindly cat nodded approvingly.

And they carefully laid the Significant Stick on a cushion and waited.



Going to the Hay Literary Festival so:



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