Moving Swiftly On- Part 1

Not a lot is known about Doll Splinter. She has an air of mystery about her. For instance, where, exactly, does she live ? Well, for many years Doll Splinter lived on a book shelf. Occasionally someone would move her arms and legs into new positions but that was all,she was still on the shelf,her painted face staring straight ahead. Once she had lived on a ledge in the bathroom but after a while the damp made her joints so stiff that she couldn’t bend her legs and arms at all. It’s tricky being wooden. 


    After that she was kept on the mantlepiece and the heat from the fire warmed her feet. But nothing much happens on a mantlepiece either and Doll Splinter was bored stiff. Then one day someone picked her up and placed her on a wooden block in the kitchen.It was there that she first met Egg O because he was there too, biding his time, rolling his eyes.  

But all that was quite a while ago. Doll Splinter remembers it, of course she does, but so much has happened since then. For a start she has been living in the garden for ages and however did she get there?

You could ask her but she won’t tell you.

Maybe it’s the endless rain but one thing is certain, Doll Splinter is tired of grass. She is looking for a new home and she won’t rest until she has found one. Wooden things can be very determined indeed.     

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