Moving Swiftly On-Part 3

The next morning Doll Splinter sat in Egg O’s tree and enjoyed the sunshine.


She wasn’t sure when would be the best time to look around the garden especially if the Verysmalls were out and about, pins at the ready. In the end she decided to start looking at midday when the sun was high which meant that shiny sharp things with malicious intent could be seen glinting and sparkling.

She abseiled down the tree and began to trek across the grass. There were all sorts of places she could live but most of them were taken and feeling tired she sat down by some long grass to rest and think.

It was then that she spied the tiny tiny house. 


She knelt down to try and see who, or what, lived there.A slight movement in the grass caught her eye and suddenly she saw two little pink snouts snuffling and rooting about. Tiddlypigs! Two of them!



They lived very happily in the small house but they were very shy and as soon as they saw Doll Splinter they scuttled back in through their front door. She could see them peering anxiously through the window, their small ears trembling.

On the grass nearby there was a jacket that someone had left behind and to Doll Splinter the pockets were like caves. She crept inside so that she could secretly watch but the Tiddlypigs didn’t come out again. They were much too nervous!

And then something alarming happened. Someone picked up the jacket and put it on!

And that someone climbed into a car.

Doll Splinter was having more of an adventure than she had planned! 



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