The Letter-Page 3

Every room in the house felt like a story. The sitting room had a comfortable sofa and arm chairs,there were books, newspapers and magazines scattered about.It looked cosy and seemed to speak of quiet evenings, playing chess perhaps or knitting warm jumpers, the needles clicking softly. There was no television and Doll Splinter liked that.It probably meant that the people could amuse themselves or that they were happy with their own thoughts. She sat in a red arm chair and warmed her feet by the fire. Then, not wanting to scorch her feet (which can happen if you are wooden and get overheated), she moved to the sofa, intending to relax for a while. 


But when she got there she noticed that she seemed to have picked up a book with a red cover.


It was called The History of Ewan House. She felt it was a Most Significant Find and was about to open it but just at that very moment she thought she heard a noise, coming from upstairs!  

P1010537Pausing only to look out of the window once again she hurried out  of the sitting room and ran up those interminable stairs towards the bedrooms.
P1010545Whatever it was, she was determined to catch it!

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