The Book-(4)

Liz now realised that she wanted a terrace garden like the one that her grandmother had had. This meant a new phase- building an extension! It would also give her space for a larger, more modern kitchen under the terrace. the old kitchen could then be converted into an artist’s studio.

For the terrace garden a potter friend, Mary Litchfield, made some twelfth scale terracotta flowerpots which Liz then ‘planted’. A work colleague also donated her silver coloured wedding cake decoration which she adapted into a black garden bench.

Another friend, Deb Ford made a collection of very,very small ‘coloured pencils’ for the new artist’s studio. Liz also enjoyed making sketchbooks, paintings and drawings for work- in- progress in the studio and for framing in other rooms.



By then then it really did seem that Liz had realised her dream of making a far from perfect but engaging little house. Tiny people took up residence but have never yet been seen by any human beings.

One day Liz found that, while the inhabitants were out, the postman had been with a ‘special delivery’. It was a perfect little card of best wishes for ‘Mum’ from Ross.









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