The Book-(8)

The letter from Egg O fell from the sky and landed on the balcony of the Doll’s house where Doll Splinter was engaged in a little last minute rummaging She found nothing in the various pots that were there, indeed there was nothing more to find and it really was time to go home.


She wrote a letter to Liz .

Dear Liz, it said, Thank you for letting me stay in this beautiful house. I have had a good look round but now I am restless. I must get back to my dear friend Egg O who cannot visit me here as he would find the stairs tiresome since his legs are exceedingly short. However I am taking him a slice of chocolate cake and I have been inspired to try my hand at drawing.He will be my first subject and if I become famous I shall repay your kindness by sending you a  sketch or two as I know you like Art.

And having written the letter she left it under the chocolate cake reasoning that it would soon be found as no-one leaves a cake for long, especially a chocolate cake.



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