The Visit-Swimming 2


While Egg O languishes in prison the cousins, Florrie and Benedict have been left to their own devices. They want to try swimming but here they are, full of trepidation, wondering whether to take the plunge. They have been warned, time and time again, to steer clear of water and avoid spoons, but this water seems different. It’s not boiling hot for a start and there isn’t a spoon in sight. But it is a long way down and they have also been told that for eggs, jumping is not advisable.

Then they notice a raft and without a moments thought they plummet downwards landing  on their backs. They are stunned and for a while they drift about aimlessly.


Then Florrie notices they have a companion.



It is Debbie Duck the Lifeguard. She has seen this sort of reckless behaviour before and she quacks at them sternly. She tells them that swimming is a serious business and before the eggs can answer she has them in the water for their first lesson. They are floating on their backs and Debbie Duck is quacking orders. They don’t like it one bit. Debbie Duck decides they are a lost cause and she orders them out of the water. 


They sit damply on a towel feeling sorry for themselves.


Meanwhile the chattering teeth are telling Debbie the Lifeguard that they would never behave so badly. They are making a good impression. 

You might be wondering why Doll Splinter isn’t sorting out these naughty eggs.


But she is  pondering that existential question-“How did December get here so quickly?” 





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