Hello! We’re back!


It is Summer and Egg O and Spud will soon be out of prison.

Egg O has been watching the tennis and is now considering a life of sport. He thinks he could do a spot of Motor cycle scrambling. It suits eggs down to the ground. He is pondering this and getting increasingly annoyed with Spud who is playing loudly and enthusiastically on the spoons.

“I’m watching racquets and listening to a racket!” shouts Egg O.

“And I’m playing tunes on spoons!” retorts Spud joyfully.

But they are both looking forward to freedom. Spud will see his wife and little chip children and Egg O will see Doll Splinter and all the rest.

And what of Doll Splinter? Well she is in the garden contemplating a Wonderfully Persistent and Towering Weed that she may be about to climb.

Meanwhile, back in the dolls house the twenty one dolls are about to open the kitchen door.

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