It is Day Two of Juice Therapy and Egg O is sitting in the sunshine sipping the juice of twenty red berries and forty green leaves through a straw. He is chatting to a mouse. Earlier in the day Egg O was lying face up on a yoga mat perfecting the pose called Sunny Side Up so he is feeling relaxed but something is preying on his mind.

“Do you enjoy biscuits ?” he asks the mouse and they both close their eyes. The mouse can see a little pile of delectable crumbs underneath a table and Egg O is remembering the biscuits he made with Doll Splinter a very long time ago.

“I do” sighs the mouse.

Egg O makes a slurping noise with his straw.

“We are far from home,” he remarks needlessly.

“We are up a mountain” observes the mouse.

And so they are.


Later that day Egg O goes to the Mindfulness Class.

“Clear your mind” instructs the teacher, “and focus on your breath. Do not be distracted.”

The warm wind blows through the leaves in the trees. They rustle quietly. Egg O is reminded of biscuits. His mind wanders all over the place. Soon he is thinking of millions of things and all of them are edible.

The teacher is very pleased with Egg O who has sat so still and breathed so quietly. She smiles at him. Egg O simpers and heads off for supper.

More juice!

Egg O sits down and eyes the foaming beaker balefully.

He is starting to feel annoyed.

Mind out!




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