Picnic-the clowns

“A picnic!” screamed the magnetic monkeys,”Will there be bananas?”

“No there will not”, said Egg O firmly,’but there will be peas,to be precise,four of them.” 

“Well ,we might come”, said the monkeys,”but we have things to do today.”

And off they went,sticking to anything they could find.

“How about some bendy clowns?” said Doll Splinter.”Clowns are always fun”.

So Egg O asked the bendy clowns, who were larking around on a log.

P1010385“Will there be pies?”they cried,”Custard pies?”

“Certainly not” said Egg O crossly.”There will be peas, green peas.”

“Well we might come” said the clowns,”but we have silly things to do.”

And off they went, laughing like mad.

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