Picnic-the rabbits

                             By Tuesday Egg O was thoroughly fed up. In fact, he was in a bad mood.                

           Monkeys,clowns,picnics,where would it all end?

                                      “How about some rabbits?” suggested Doll Splinter brightly. “Rabbits are very fond of peas. ”  

                     “Well I’m not”, yelled Egg O rudely,”those peas are nothing but trouble,who knows what they might do next?” 

                        The rabbits were perched on a pebble. They seemed to be looking for something.


“Will you come to our picnic?” asked Doll Splinter.

“Will there be cats?” enquired the rabbits.

“Certainly not”, snapped Egg O,”but there will be four horrid peas,the bane of my life.’

“Peas?” said the rabbits.”Four peas?”

And they looked at each other ,knowingly. 


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