Picnic-getting ready.

On Wednesday Egg O and Doll Splinter began planning the picnic.

Egg O sat on a log with his legs crossed and stared at his feet.

“What do we need for a picnic?” said Doll Splinter.

“Buns,binoculars and biscuits” said Egg O, rolling his eyes.

“Binoculars?” asked Doll Splinter.

“Very important,”said Egg O ,”when you have small things to keep an eye on.”

“Biscuits are  more important “said Doll Splinter firmly. She found a big bowl and Egg O found a spoon. 


While Egg O dangled his feet in the flour ,Doll Splinter stirred,  and soon the biscuits were made.
(To find out how to make these biscuits go to annascafe@wordpress.com)

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