Picnic- waiting for the guests.

Egg O lay on the ground, his head resting on a small cushion. Next to him was the log, and on the log were the green peas.He had tethered them to a small stick.

“Peas are like goats”, he announced,”they like to rampage and they must be stopped.”

“I am going to get the picnic ready,” replied Doll Splinter.”Will you help?”

“I am far too busy” said Egg O.

“You don’t look busy” said Doll Splinter.

“My eyes are busy,” snapped Egg O,” watching and waiting for botheration.I am a very busy egg indeed .”

So Doll Splinter laid the mat on the grass and put out the plates,the cups and the biscuits and a small bottle of


And then they waited for their guests to arrive, while the peas pondered.




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