Egg O-opera singer,The Quest ends(6)

Waiting can take a long time and although eggs are good at it they do not always have time on their hands.

Cats are good at waiting too but the spindly cat was different.

Maybe it was being a thin cat that made him an edgy cat but whatever it was he was keen to get going and he pushed the box nearer to Egg O.

“Open it” he ordered.

Egg O was a little nervous. He could remember the rabbits and the kidnap.

“What is in it?”  he asked.

“Well it isn’t me!”said the cat.

It was a round,shiny box with a picture of a cat on the front. Anything could be in it!

“Let me open it” volunteered Doll Splinter abseiling down from a very high place. “I like surprises.”

She lifted the lid of the box.

Everyone looked inside.

It was a hat!


An Opera  Hat!




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