Egg O-Opera-the Quest for footwear (5)

All  night Egg O waited.He lay on his back, rolling his eyes and humming and when the sun came up he sang like a bird:

“O sole mio

I am an Egg O

Oh soon you’ll see O

Me shake a leg”

But he didn’t shake a leg, he didn’t move at all, and while he lay there,a few odd things came out from under the sofa.

First to come were two spotted birds, pecking for bits of this and that,and then


 a tiny train and a horse and cart came rolling along 


and following those came a spindly cat with a rounded box and a plate with cheese!


“Anything turned up?” asked Doll Splinter suddenly, peeping out from tight corner.


“Nothing so far” lied Egg O, eying the box.

“Tomorrow maybe”.

And he sat with the cat and they all went on waiting.



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