Egg O-Opera singer-The Quest for Footwear (4)

Egg O was extremely offended and sat down on the ground with his back to the clown.

” I am in a huff,” he said,” and an egg in a huff should not be approached.”

The clown, who was still laughing,went jumping away,in a very good mood for a change.

“Well” thought Egg O, “I am not going to look in the garden any more.I shall go into the house and look under the sofa. Everyone knows that shoes can lurk under sofas.”

So in he went and sure enough,under the sofa,he found a loafer! A loafer under the sofa!

But there was only one!


“Well you cannot tap dance in one shoe” said Egg O irritably.”You can only go hoppity hop, and it is well known that a loafer is a lazy shoe and that I am an egg of action. “

Would he ever find the right shoes,those red,sparkly shoes with tippy tappy toes?


“What you need” observed Doll Splinter,who happened to be climbing the sofa,”is to stop looking and then something will turn up.”

“Really?” said Egg O who was actually rather tired.

He thought for  a while and then he lay down and closed his eyes.


Waiting for something to turn up is easy for an egg. 

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