Egg O-Opera singer-the quest for footwear (3)

Egg O was peeved. Busy indeed! Acrobats were too full of themselves. They did nothing all day but teeter and topple! Didn’t she know that he, Egg O, came from a long distinguished line of Egg O’s? Maybe she could balance on tight ropes and stand on her head but could she tap dance?No she could not!

“But”, said Egg O “I will take her advice, since an acrobat standing on her head will see the world in  quite a novel way. Where I look up she looks down.”

So he began to poke about in the undergrowth which annoyed him because there are Unexpected Things like nettles and ants in the undergrowth. But suddenly he spotted them! Boots!In the roots! Dark blue boots! Whose could they be?They were too big for ants!


Egg O sat on a chair and dangled his feet in the boots. They were quite big boots!


“They’re mine in fact,” remarked someone in a sad voice.

Egg O looked up and there,reclining on a leaf or two, was a clown in stripy trousers and a red hat.


“I wear them occasionally,” continued the clown sadly,”to cheer myself up.”

“They don’t look like cheerful boots.” observed Egg O.

“They’re not.”said they clown,”but they are all I have.”

Egg O did not know what to say so he burst into song instead.

“Boots can’t make you happy

And boots can’t make you sad

But boots can make an egg like me

Really hopping mad!”

And with that Egg put on his sunglasses.


“I am too cool for boots.” he said.

The clown looked at him and burst out laughing.

I wonder why?

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