Egg O-Opera singer-the quest for footwear (2)

The very first odd place he looked was under some logs. Surely there wouldn’t be shoes there?

But there were! There were clogs under the logs. Could Egg O do a clog dance?

“Of course I could” said Egg O,”but I choose not to.”

He studied the clogs. Whose clogs were they?

“I will be a detective”, announced Egg O importantly.” I shall solve the mystery. The first  clues are these letters on the front of the clogs.”He sat down and stared at the clogs.He had no ideas at all so he opened his mouth and began to sing at the top of his voice.

There are clogs clogs

Underneath the logs

Tra la la

Tra la la

There are clogs clogs

Underneath the logs

Tra la la la la la la!

“What a voice!” said Egg O looking very pleased with himself.

 “What a hullaballoo you mean” said another voice. A cheerful  acrobat  emerged from under the log and stood on her hands on some bricks with her legs waving in the air.


“Where did you find those clogs?” she asked bending this way and that. Egg O pointed to the logs.


“I am looking” he said.” for shoes, red shoes that sparkle and I am looking in odd places. Will you help me?”

“No” she said,”I am far too busy, bending and collapsing and balancing,but I can tell you where to look next.”

Egg O was a little put out but nonetheless he listened when she said:

“Look under the roots of a tree”.

And with that she flipped backwards and was gone.


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