Egg O-Opera singer -the quest for footwear (1)

It was a new week and Egg O was warming up his voice.He sat in his tree and warbled and trilled.

“I have listened to the birds”, he said, “and quite frankly they are not good singers. The feathers don’t help.”

Up and down the scales he went,louder and louder.

Then, with a final  alarming top note ,he stopped.

“Time to buy shoes”, he announced and off he went,in search of tap shoes.

“I am made for dancing”, he said,”but my feet are not. Red shoes will do the trick. Red shoes that sparkle and shine. “

“Where will you find shoes?’ asked the clowns.”They don’t grow on trees!” 

That made the monkeys laugh but it made Egg O very cross.

‘I will find shoes” ,he shouted, and stamped his foot.”Shoes have a habit of turning up in odd places.”

Doll Splinter was reading a book to the peas and they seemed to be listening. She nodded.


“It”s true” she said. “Shoes are like that”. 

“Exactly ” said Egg O triumphantly.

And he began looking.

In odd places.


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