Picnic-the end

One by one the peas rolled home and stood in a row in front of Egg O.

“I hope you are going to be kinder to them now” said Doll Splinter.

“I certainly won’t be”, said Egg O nastily and he shoved the peas into a small cage. They huddled sadly together. Poor peas!


“Now”, announced Egg O ,”I am going to sing!” and he opened his mouth and out came  an astonishing noise.

The clowns put their hands over their ears.

The monkeys hurried to the top of a tree.

It was quite a racket, even the rabbits could hear it and they were round the corner tinkering with their car!

Doll Splinter decided enough was enough.

“Egg O”, she said “you are mean and you are noisy.I think you should go away.I will mind the peas.”

Egg O stopped singing and rolled his eyes.

“Right O” he shouted, “I am going to the theatre and there I will sing to my heart’s content.I might even tap dance because everyone loves tap dancing eggs especially when they are as handsome as me.”

Which is true,

isn’t it?

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