Picnic-the kidnap!

Later that day,as they all lay in a  bored heap and Egg O continued to pontificate loudly, a silver robot  arrived,carrying a note.A ransom note! It was from the rabbits and this is what it said:

We have the peas!

We want a reward and we want it pronto!

p.s. Please. 

The peas had been kidnapped and nobody had noticed,not even Doll Splinter who noticed most things. Egg O was hopping mad.

“Kidnapped!” he yelled,”I have plans for those peas, big plans and this is not one of them!”

However the monkeys and the clowns were thrilled to see the robot.


“A robot!” screamed the monkeys and they stuck to him magnetically.

“A robot!”cried the clowns,”What can it do?”and they pressed his buttons like mad.

“Beep ,boing!” went the robot.

“What reward do the rabbits want?” said Doll Splinter sternly.

“Beep boing boing”chirped the robot,”they want a car, a red car.Do you have one?”

Everyone looked at the red car with the snapping teeth.

“Give me that car!” Egg O ordered the clowns.

“You can have it”, said the clowns, who were not keen on those teeth.

So off roared the robot in the car and everyone sat down and  waited for the peas to come home.

Especially Egg O,

who had plans.


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