The Letter-page 1

After she had rested Doll Splinter went to the desk to write her letter. Not so very long ago, before texts and emails, people wrote letters on paper with pens or pencils or typewriters and then posted them in a letter box. It took some time for an answer to come back which meant that people spent time waiting and anticipating. Sometimes they waited and dreamed, at other times they paced the floor, anxiously. With dolls it is a bit different. They post their letters certainly, but not in regular post boxes. They put them in a hole in a tree or lean the envelope against the stalk of a flower, and then forget all about it. An answer may come or it may not and in the meanwhile a doll just carries on with the day to day and the here and now because that is what they are like. Especially the wooden sort.


When Doll Splinter sat down in front of the typewriter she noticed someone had been there before her, typing away. It seemed to be a page from a book but it was upside down! She pulled it out of the roller and studied it closely. The title was ‘Ewan House’ which was where she was now! Interesting!


She decided that she would rummage around in the bookcases later, but first things first: the letter to Egg O.

‘Dear Egg O’, she wrote, the ends of her wooden arms tapping away on the typewriter keys like little woodpeckers, ‘what are you doing? I am exploring, it leads me from one thing to another. I find interesting boxes to open and unknown books to read.’

Here she paused and considered. What should she tell him? She wasn’t sure and climbing down from the chair she went to the window in the hall and looked out, thoughtfully.



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