Moving Swiftly On-Part 7

Doll Splinter climbed on to a chair and her wooden arms rummaged about on the table. There were pencils and  brushes, note books,sketch books and paints, it was all most intriguing.                                    P1010581 Doll Splinter had never drawn a picture. On the front of one of the books was a portrait of a woman with dark hair and she wondered if Egg O would sit for her like that. She felt sure he would be quite easy to draw, he was after all, quite a straightforward shape. She leaned forward for a closer look at the book and her arm brushed against a little palette of paint. Oh dear! Now she was covered in blue! She would have to sort that out.

Up the stairs she went and found the bathroom. Perfect!P1010579 As she sat in the bath she thought about what she would write in the letter. You can have deep thoughts in a bath but if you are made of wood you can’t stay long in water. It’s not easy being wooden! 



Down the stairs she ran and this time she found the study. There were a lot of stairs in this house!


She was worn out!


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