Moving Swiftly On-Part 6

Doll Splinter finished her tea and cake. If she was going to write to Egg O she would have to find a pen and some paper so she decided to have a bit of a rummage. Dolls like rummaging and this was a house full of cupboards, boxes and bags. There were tables too covered in bits and bobs; books and newspapers were lying here and there. Interesting!
She decided to start downstairs so she went into the sitting room where there was a cupboard in the corner.


 In went her wooden arms and they rummaged around but all they found were jugs and mugs and plates. Crockery is all well and good but notes on scraps of paper are better! Feeling a little disappointed Doll Splinter went into the hall where there were clothes hanging on pegs. She found a hat and a scarf and tried them on.


She liked the hat!



It belonged to someone in the house but it was too hot for the summer. Perhaps the owner was out and about, jauntily sporting a lovely straw hat or a cotton cap . They probably weren’t shopping because their shopping basket was still hanging on a peg although of course you can carry things in pockets, especially pens and pencils and lists. Doll Splinter loves lists!

Doll Splinter took off the hat and scarf and went across the hall into another room. This looked interesting! It was cluttered!


More importantly though, there on the table she noticed some crayons.

This was the perfect place to rummage!


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