The Letter-Page 5

Mice make smallish noises. Scampering,scuttling,scratching and of course, squeaking, but the noise Doll Splinter had heard, the noise that had distracted her, was a more regular noise,like heavy feet walking in big boots. The little brown mouse with the pink tail was not the culprit.

After a quick rummage in some old suitcases stacked in the corner, Doll Splinter decided to explore the bedrooms.


Down the stairs she ran again and opened the door into a bedroom which was full of toys. There were dolls and books and a doll’s house but most striking of all was a beautiful rocking horse and as she sat on it, thoughtfully rocking backwards and forwards, she noticed the noise it made. Forwards it went with a slight thump then backwards and thump it went again and as she went faster it creaked and groaned in a metallic sort of way and the little reins jingled and the doll’s house windows rattled.


That was the noise she had heard! But who had been rocking on the horse? And where were they now?

Feeling a little unnerved Doll Splinter ran into the bedroom on the other side of the landing and there she settled down in a big bed to consider things. The cat joined her and curled up and slept but Doll Splinter could not sleep.


 She felt a bit bothered.


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