The Book-(1)

It was no good staying in bed being bothered. The mystery of the Rocking Horse would have to be solved.

Doll Splinter had a letter to write but it would have to wait because now she had a book to read. Clearly this was no ordinary doll’s house and Doll Splinter being no ordinary doll was determined to rummage and delve.It was time to go back downstairs and read the book which she had first picked up in the sitting room.It seemed important somehow. P1010617

Down the stairs she ran (her poor wooden legs!). There was the book, on a little round table. She knelt down and opened it and this is what she saw first:

P1010625She began to turn the pages and as she read she began to understand what it was she had sensed in the room upstairs. Although her knees ached she read on and on until she had read every page and then she closed her eyes and was quiet. She had a lot to think about.


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