At Last-2

Doll Splinter is feeling somewhat melancholy. She is not sure why. Perhaps she is still feeling a bit like a teenager or maybe it is because September is coming. Whatever the reason she is spending the very last day of August sitting among the leaves and flowers. The sun today is hot and down at the bottom of the garden huge apples are thundering dangerously to the ground. It is safer where she is, in a flowerpot, climbing among the daisies.


She spots Egg O who is sunning himself in a rather fetching hat made from a flower.


“Soon'” he announces to no one in particular, “I shall be a brown egg, and everyone prefers a brown egg. Then I shall be Going Places.”

He sees Doll Splinter looking at him.

“Find a hat” he says imperiously,”It will lift your spirits.”

So Doll Splinter finds a hat.


It is a foxglove hat.

And it looks really lovely.

 And it does lift her spirits.

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