The Visit-1

It is September.

Egg O is bustling about. He is getting ready for a visit. His cousins, Eggs Benedict and the Terrible Teen Florrie, are coming to stay. They are both a real nuisance and so they are pushed from pillar to post. It is Egg O’s turn to look after them and he is fuming.

“Find a pillar and a post!” he is yelling, “And then a long piece of string!”

But of course it is difficult to tie an egg to anything, and the cousins know it. Doll Splinter is intrigued. 

“I have dozens of cousins,” said Egg O, “and luckily they aren’t all coming to stay or we would be inundated.”

He thought for a moment. “INUNDATED!” he repeated loudly because he quite liked the word.

He stared rudely at Doll Splinter. He really is an odd sort of friend for her to have. Perhaps the cousins will improve Egg O, bring out his softer side? Somehow Doll Splinter doubts it so she looks steadily back at him and remarks:

” What do the cousins enjoy doing?”

Egg O has no idea so they will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

“Meanwhile” he says, ” We will have to find two pieces of toast”.

Toast?Why toast?

Because that is what eggs sleep on!

It’s obvious!

“Do Benedict and Florrie sleep much?” she asks.

“I’ve heard,” replied Egg O darkly, “that they like to scramble about all night. They are a nuisance. They will keep us on our toes”. 

Doll Splinter looked thoughtful.


September was beginning to look as if it might be interesting.

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