The Visit-2

Doll Splinter has slept in many different places in her life.


An empty case intended for spectacles is good as it comes with a cloth which she can use as a cover. The danger is that the lid will snap shut but so far that has never happened.


A seed packet is perfect, like a little paper sleeping bag.

She has even slept in a match box, which could have been dangerous but she loved it since matches are her cousins in a way, being made of little chips of wood. If only they had faces and could talk! Well if they could it would certainly have been a noisy night!


 Do dolls sleep? Some dolls have eyes that open and close, but Doll Splinter’s eyes are painted on so maybe she just rests them in the dark, looking at nothing. She is an enigmatic doll so we will never know. She has done things and been to places  that she never talks about. Maybe she will one day but not yet.

 Once , long ago, she sat in a canoe in Peru with a sad brown donkey and it’s silent staring owners. The canoe slipped quietly down the river in the moonlight, keeping close to the bank,  while Doll Splinter stroked the donkey’s neck as it peered mournfully over the side. 


Right now,in the garden, here in England, if it is summer, she can sleep in a tree or under a leaf, but she prefers to sleep indoors when Autumn comes.

She has never, ever, slept on a piece of toast, but eggs are not dolls and their ways are different.

If Egg O’s cousins need a mattress of toasted bread then that is what they will get.

And knowing Egg O and his hot- headed ways, Doll Splinter reasons that it’s up to her to come up with an organised plan. 






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