The Visit- 3

Doll Splinter is not sure about toast. Where would she find it?

She will have to explore Kitchen, a huge country full of  places of interest.

She starts off in a tourist spot called Cupboard and there, to her delight, she discovers a climbing wall.


She and the Spindly Cat spend a few happy hours practising their moves while Egg O lounges about in the very comfortable chair he has found. Occasionally he shouts directions and offers advice but they don’t listen. After all, eggs don’t make a habit of climbing so he doesn’t know what he is talking about. But time is ticking by and the visitors will be arriving and everyone will want them in bed as soon as possible.

P1010696 Doll Splinter jumps down and she and the cat look at the map that Egg O gave them. He says he found it just lying about but it is more likely he got it from the Rabbits who always have something up their sleeves. It is a very useful map. It seems they need to go up into the mountains, high above Cupboard to find a hot place called Toaster. They might need their sun hats!

There is a rope hanging down that they have to climb. Up goes Doll Splinter with the Spindly Cat clinging on.It is a very long way and every now and then they pause and the cat purrs.


Once they are there they start to look for beds. Perhaps they can find something else for the visitors to sleep on?How about this- it is a thick slice of gingerbread and very comfortable. But Egg O shouts crossly from below that it is all wrong in every way.


On they go, and soon they arrive at an interesting building which seems to have no door or windows. Who lives in there? Doll Splinter peers down the chimney.


They can hear something or somebody rustling about inside! They make themselves comfortable on some tea bags and wait. They are very nosey!


 Down below, Egg O yells that tea bags are even more completely wrong. And he swings his legs in an insolent manner.

Doll Splinter and the Spindly Cat exchange glances.

He is such a lazy egg.







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