The Visit-(4)

A long time has passed.

It is not always possible for a doll, a bendy cat and a wooden and very insolent egg to move about. Obviously people would be quite amazed and possibly alarmed if they saw them. Things would change forever and maybe not for the best. 

So for days now, Doll Splinter, the cat and Egg O have stayed perfectly still, waiting for the right time.

But inside the blue teapot the rustling and bustling continued and at about ten past four this afternoon a small brown car pulled up.


Out jumped the Verysmalls !


They unloaded a long, orange plastic case that might contain luggage, but then again, might not. The Verysmalls ignored Doll Splinter and the cat, glared at Egg O and dragged the case round to the back of the teapot. There was the sound of a door creaking open and then a slam as it shut again. Then all went quiet. Doll Splinter and the cat looked at each other.

Egg O went pale.


“A door?” whispered Egg O.

Doll Splinter stood up. 

“I will go and investigate” she said bravely and began to tiptoe round the teapot.

From inside came a sound she recognized.

The sound of things being sharpened.


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