The Visit-5

Although you will probably never spot them The Verysmalls are here there and everywhere. They are not always sharpening pins and needles either;however they are on edge most of the time since they are afraid of getting stepped on.


But before they moved into the teapot they were feeling unusually relaxed. They had met to their friend the shiny teddy bear who was sitting on a windowsill swinging his short legs.

P1010729 They chatted about this that and the other and then the Verysmalls had gone for a spin in the bear’s sports car because they find speed is almost as thrilling as sharpness.


Feeling on top of the world, later that day they appeared in a matinee at their local theatre and the applause went to their heads.


Suddenly they appeared on the backs of elephants doing amazing and alarming tricks with rings and they started to believe that anything was possible.

So even though Doll Splinter is very much bigger that they are they have hatched a wicked plan.

They are going to kidnap her and demand a ransom!

The little devils!



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