The Visit-6


It is nearly November.

What is everyone doing?

Well ,the Verysmalls are lying low and Doll Splinter, the Spindly cat and Egg O are biding their time.

No-one in Kitchen has made toast in a long while so the search for beds is on hold. Doll Splinter has no idea that the Verysmalls are hatching a very nasty plan and Egg O is a still dreading the visit .

But at last the cousins are on the move! Here they are peeping out of their cave! They don’t look troublesome do they?


They are looking at something. What is it? 


A picnic!

Benedict and Florrie are eyeing the lettuce suspiciously. 


Is that a fried egg in there? It’s very small, maybe it’s a fried fly egg!


Their friends gather round. Here’s Wobbly Bear tumbling out of the cave! She looks happy! 


And here are the Chattering Clockwork  Teeth. They’re trying to swallow the entire cheese board!

But when the picnic is over the cousins will be ready to travel.

I hope they bring the teeth. They could be handy. I wonder what else they might eat?

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