The Visit-7

At last!


Toast has been made!


Egg O has personally selected the finest pieces.

And here are Doll Splinter and Egg O lounging on lightly toasted slices of sour dough bread. Their heads are resting on soft pillowy chamomile tea bags. Their coverlets are  pieces of feathery white tissue.


Egg O is expounding on the benefits of natural yeast.


“The important thing in a mattress,” he says, “is springiness. Now with your bought yeast the rise is too fast and can only lead to eventual hardness and crumbs of discomfort in the nether regions whereas with this-” (and he thumped the toast with both hands to demonstrate) ” you get bounce and satisfaction.”

He rolled his eyes and almost purred.

Doll Splinter smiled and the Spindly cat stretched out his paw to pat a falling crumb.


So now all that they have to do is wait.

As time rolls on.


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