The Visit-8

It has been a nerve wracking few days.

Loud explosions, flashes, bangs and screeching fizzing noises have scared everyone half to death.

Any thoughts of a visit have ground to a halt.


The cousins have taken refuge in a pestle and mortar.

 Here they are, peeping out fearfully and hoping no one feels like crushing anything.

P1010779 Doll Splinter, who is afraid of very few things, has climbed up into a geranium plant to get a better view and  is wondering what it all means.

Egg O, who, despite his bluster, is afraid of many things: ( spoons, whisks, saucepans to name but a few)


 is hiding among the wooden bricks of the calendar. He is not shouting now!


 The spindly cat is about to force himself down the spout of a coffee pot. I hope he can get out again!


The chattering teeth are just standing around, chattering.


And the shiny bear is trying to squeeze herself inside a roll of paper!

Let’s hope it all stops soon!


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