The Visit- The Accident

It is late in the evening.The explosions have stopped and the cousins have finally arrived.

Doll Splinter and Egg O immediately show them their beds but the lively cousins have no intention of sleeping yet.

“We want to go for a drive”, they demand loudly. They roll their eyes rudely and make silly noises. Egg O is secretly impressed.

 They all climb into the carpet slipper car and away they go but they are going much too fast! Egg O is a very reckless driver and he swerves wildly round a corner. He is ignoring the road signs! The cousins are screaming and jumping.


 “Faster,faster!” they cry.

Suddenly Doll Splinter notices someone in the road. It’s the shiny bear.

“Stop!” she shouts.  

Smash crash bump. The car has knocked the bear down. Egg O is furious.

“Some people have no road sense”, he snaps.


Doll Splinter rushes to help and  out of nowhere  a policeman arrives. He is very stiff and upright. He takes out a notebook and looks stern.


Egg O is in big trouble!

Doesn’t he know there’s a  twenty mile speed limit here in Bristol ?



 Especially for eggs!  


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