Christmas Eve

P1010870Doll Splinter is getting ready to visit Ewan House. She has made a Christmas card, bought a bottle of wine and wrapped a box of chocolates in red and gold tissue. Egg O is not going because he is still in prison but he has painted a very flattering picture of himself on a card and Doll Splinter is taking that too. Inside it he wrote “Greetings to all my fans”. He has hung pictures of himself  on the walls of his cell and he plans to spend Christmas gazing adoringly at himself. He is thoroughly enjoying being in prison, thinking about himself non-stop.

P1010862But Doll Splinter has been busy. Last week she met her cousin Nosy Parker and they sat and chatted amongst the oranges and lemons. Nosy wears painted on clothes and a hat and he only visits at Christmas time.

P1010860Best of all was when her cousins from Wales arrived wearing their lovely hats and telling jokes. Doll Splinter has missed them and she is sad when they leave.

P1010857To cheer herself up she goes with Florrie and Benedict to collect a Christmas tree. That very same evening which is Christmas Eve she visits the Father Christmas Climbing Tree and hangs with the santas for a while.They dangle together in the dusk talking of snow and bells and songs by candlelight until it is time to move on.

P1010851Christmas day is nearly here and somewhere there is a present for doll Splinter. A present in a beautiful striped box tied with silver string.

In Ewan House.

By a chair.

Until tomorrow then…



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