Christmas Day

P1010848Doll Splinter has had a wonderful Christmas Day. Someone left her a present in Ewan house and it made her feel so happy she had to lie down on the sledge with her head resting on an orange!

P1010888Egg O on the other hand, has been a bit bored. His self portraits have been confiscated because the warders were fed up with his boasting. They gave him a bowl of  berries and told him to think of others. Two robins flew in and began to peck and chirp which made him furious. So he is sitting in his cell and glaring and thinking dark thoughts.


Doll Splinter carried home her present, which was in a beautiful box, and this is what she saw when she lifted the lid:


But you will have to wait and see what she found beneath the soft wrapping.

Because Doll Splinter wants to keep it a secret, just for herself. for a little bit longer.

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