The Diary of Egg O -Jan 2nd

January 2, 2015

It’s an outrage! Last night my simple request for a cashmere throw for my rock hard, spartan bed was refused on the grounds that I am a prisoner not a celebrity! Not a celebrity! Me!

I was shell shocked!

I asked them, Do you know who I am?

You, they said, are the speeding Egg who ran over a poor sweet panda who was crossing the road.

Well I ask you!  I mean what was the silly bear doing crossing the road? Doesn’t she understand that only chickens should do that? I should know. I am  an expert on chickens.

And to make matters worse, today I have been forced to share a cell.

With a potato!

So here I am, on the second day of the new year, when I should be amazing my fans, face to face with a disorderly potato.

I mean, how bad can it get?


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