The Diary of Egg O- Jan 4th

The fourth day of the New Year and I am still incarcerated. No news about my trial. The warders are useless.They show no interest in me. I have requested the return, in the politest of tones, of my self portraits but to no avail. And the bed gets harder daily. Or maybe I am getting softer. Well, at least I now have a cell mate. I admit I thought him a lout at first. But he is a cheery soul and he seems to look up to me. Understandable of course. There are very few potatoes with an intellect like mine.

Over breakfast (a handful of berries and a small hard biscuit) I confided in him that I intend to escape. I have heard that tunneling is quite a popular way out and Spud looks like he could dig. I am not sure where to start but I think it will have to be under a bed. His bed, obviously, since I shall need mine to sit on while I  give directions.

“We will have to dig at night” I said to which he replied : “Yes but with what?” and that does seem to be a bit of  a snag.

We have been pondering about this all day.

“You look thoughtful Eggy! “observed an insolent warder, “Thinking about your trial are you?”

I looked at him and rolled my eyes.

If he only knew!

Adieu fans!


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