The Diary of Egg O- Jan 14th

I have spent the entire day recovering on my bed!

Spud appears to have passed out.

Yesterday he began to play his Pan pipes and the jaunty fluting tunes were irresistible. I sprang to my feet and soon I was executing the fancy footwork I learned at the Miss Faucet’s School of tap and Dance. I was so fast I was a blur which the warders said was an improvement. Their rudeness is maddening yet even they could not resist and soon their ears were flapping a rhythm and their feet were tapping in time.

“You are a wonderful piping potato Spud,” they cried.

Up and down the scales went Spud, faster and faster flew my feet until at last I sank exhausted to my knees. 

The music stopped.

“Are you happy now Egg O?” said Spud eagerly.

I looked at him. He lay on his back, the pipes cast aside, a little smile on his lips. He exuded silliness. I knew he would never have a sensible thought in his head.

Indeed I am Spud” I replied. “Indeed I am.”

And so with one last squeaky puff on his pipes he collapsed joyfully on his bed.

Until tomorrow.

Antipasto fans!

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