The Diary of Egg O- Jan 15th

My head has been aching all day. It feels like it has been hit repeatedly with spoons of different sizes. Spud says his head feels worse. He says the last time he felt this bad was when he was dug up.

The warders are not sympathetic. 

“Our heads hurt”, we told them when they pushed us out into the exercise yard.

“Who cares?”  they snapped watching us roll round and round.

Back in the cell Spud observed:  “The problem Egg O,  is that we are nothing but heads.”

“That Spud” I retorted,” is both our strength and our weakness. It means that, although I am a martyr to headaches, I am also all brain.”

“Am I all brain Egg O?” said Spud.

“No, you most certainly are not. You are all brawn”.

Spud looked horrified.

‘You mean jellied meat Egg O?

No I mean you are strong and muscular Spud. Your head would make a marvelous battering ram.”

And so by bed time we felt content and in my head a wonderful escape plan  began to take shape.

Pommes frites fans!

Until tomorrow.

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