The Diary of Egg O-Jan 16th

Today I took Spud to one side and began to whisper in his ear.

All day the Rabbits have not been  themselves. By which I mean it is World Carrot day so they have been totally preoccupied and crazy. Right now they are swapping carrot anecdotes and they are not taking the slightest notice of us, their prisoners.

“Listen Spud”, I whispered, “do you remember I said I had a plan?”

“I do Egg O,” he said, ” we are going to escape!” And his starchy face beamed.

“Exactly and the plan is going to involve your head and mine, although not in the same way.”

” You have been thinking Egg O.”

“That is how I use my head Spud, but your head is a hard head not a thoughtful head and I want you to try something for me. Do you see that wall over there? Well, I want you to run at it. Very fast.”

Spud looked at me then with a baffled expression.

“Run at it?” he quavered.

“Indeed. As fast as you can.”

And I gave him an encouraging look.

“Happy Carrot Day!” screamed the Rabbits downing carrot juice like there was no tomorrow.

At this Spud hurled himself towards the wall.

 Then all was quiet.

And it has been quiet all weekend.

I think he is alive.

But I cannot be sure.

Patatas bravas my dear fans.

Fingers crossed.





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