The Diary of Egg O- Jan 19th

The Rabbits are still full of the joys of carrots and have not noticed how quiet it is in our cell. Spud has not moved. It really is a nuisance. Am I to be accused of murder now, as well as dangerous driving? Honestly I cannot believe what is happening to my reputation. Does no-one care? Doll Splinter has not visited. I blame the new hat. It has literally gone to her head.

I have been nudging Spud on and off. He has not responded. Gradually I have pushed him under his bed but it won’t be long before the warders notice. Of course no-one will thank me  for discovering that potatoes are soft in the head.

I must say his head looks alright. A bit dented. But not broken. Not like my Uncle Flip who was thrown at a politician last year.


Poor Uncle Flip.


Until tomorrow fans.

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