Manifesto- The Scissors Party

rws_signWe in the Scissors Party take your welfare very seriously. In fact, that’s what we intend to do. Take it. In these shared times of Austerity we believe that the only way forward is through Cuts to Welfare.Our policy is to cut anything and everything that comes our way and everyone will benefit. Snip snip no more scroungers, snip snip no more whingers, you know it makes sense.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns in this country – out with all the tossers! Border control-Scissors can sort it. We will cut the do gooders down to size and slash the loopholes. Trying to get in to our country? Cut it out we say! We will cut you off before you can say “Knife”.

Scissors- we’re sharp thinkers, we get things done and we cut the costs!

N.H.S? Education? We will trim the fat, cut the excess, cut corners where ever we find them.

And who will reap the rewards? Those that Cut It of course.Those who are a cut above, the one percent who have cut their cloth accordingly. Clever them!

Vote for us so that you can take your cut, take what’s due to you.

The Scissors Party- Cutting To the Quick- fast.

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