Manifesto-the Paper Party

images We in the Paper party can always see both sides. Indeed, whilst we are fully prepared to form an alliance with the Scissors Party we will remain true to our core principals which are, and always will be, a blank canvas.We will ensure that when the Scissors cut services we will paper over the cracks. We will construct a tissue of lies and spin in order to keep our N.H.S safe and build a fairer, greener society. We are happy to turn or be turned. We know that in so doing we will be mocked by the Rock Party for taking the rap but such is our determination to be part of the next government that we will fold, crease, crumple and  adopt any shape necessary. Vote for us and you will never say “That’s torn it again” because like other parties, we are not worth the paper we’re written on! No, we’re better than that!  Vote Paper- Because We’ve got it Covered!


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