Manifesto- The Rock Party


We in the Rock Party have a solid record. We will not let you down. As a country we are in a hard place right now. We understand that in the wake of the disastrous Scissor Paper Coalition it will be a Sisyphean task to push this country out of austerity and into prosperity, nonetheless we will not be deterred. The mountain must be climbed and no stone left unturned.We are the party to do that and you, the voter, are our quarry. We fully intend to mine the rich seam of our core values in order to develop hard and fast promises which you can depend on. We know that we have been accused of treading a middle path and that some of us have seemed more pliable than clay but at our core remain those values upon which we have built this party, values which make this country of ours strong, values which began as far back as the Stone Age: cooperation, consolidation and diversification. Inspired by these great thoughts we will ensure that the system deals fairly with every stratum of society so that all pull their weight and no pebble, however small, feels dashed.images-1


Keep Rocking! Vote Rock!





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