Manifesto-The Clip Party


All together now- Vote Clip!


We in the Clip party have brought together an assortment of random ideas to form our ever changing manifesto. We think you’ll like it. We have no high ideals, no visions, no forward projections.Instead we listen to you and we change with the wind because let’s face it, that wind may dry your washing today but tomorrow it may blow rubbish into your back yard. That is precisely what we intend to tackle: the tide of rubbish coming into our country daily. People have accused us of being racist. How wrong they are. We are simply standing up for what is right. The right of the British people to push and shove. The European Union? We can do without it. The Clip Party listens to the man and woman in the street because we believe that the ill informed are the backbone of society, their views are the staples holding our mishmash manifesto together. They demand to be heard  so let’s drink to bigotry, beer and baloney- vote Clip- because your ideas are our ideas.



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