The Diary of Egg O- Jan 6

Is there no limit to the annoyances I have to put up with? This morning the warders informed me, quite gleefully I might add, that Doll Splinter is not coming to visit! Can you believe she has OTHER THINGS TO DO? No, neither can I, honestly it’s the last straw. What on earth can she be doing that is more important than seeing me?

I lay on my apology for a bed all day and sulked. Spud did his best to cheer me up but he just got on my nerves. He’s as daft as he looks and talks nonsense. To make matters worse he has been allowed to have his ukulele. He sat on the floor and strummed and twanged until I shouted at him and then he started to sulk as well.

Outside our cell the rabbit warders cheered and played cards for carrots. Then Visiting Hour arrived and a few visitors shambled in and when the hour had passed they shambled out again.There was no sign of Spud’s half-baked family but he didn’t seem to care.

I have never been more miserable or furious in my life.

Doll Splinter has a lot of explaining to do.

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